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What we do

We monitor agents and salespeople, looking for those who provide the best service for consumers.

In conjunction with Neil Jenman, we also monitor property investment advisers.
WHAT WE DO for sellers
We help sellers to select an agent. We then offer help and support to the sellers.

In most cases, our service costs NOTHING extra for the sellers.

The process works as follows:

Sellers contact us - by email or by telephone on 1800 1800 18. Many sellers are recommended via Neil Jenman's web site.

If the sellers decide to use an agent, we insist that the agent agrees to minimum consumer protection standards recommended by Neil Jenman.

During the time the property is for sale, REAL ESTATE MONITORS will be available (between 9am and 9pm seven days) to offer support and suggestions to the seller at NO COST.

Once the property is sold, the sellers will be asked to rate the level of service provided by the agent (to be passed on to future sellers in the same area).

The agent will pay a percentage of the gross selling fee to REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals.

Who We Are

Consumer advocate and Author
In 1984, Neil opened a real estate office in the Sydney suburb of Auburn. The office was such a resounding success that, in 1993, he decided to concentrate full-time on presenting sales and management courses for the real estate industry.
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For several years, Reiden has worked alongside her husband, Neil Jenman, in helping distressed consumers. Unfortunately, the plight of many families often distresses her.

Among her many cases, was the infamous 'Gonzales murder house'. An agent sold the home without disclosing its gruesome history. Reiden comforted the distraught buyers and worked tirelessly to get their money returned.

She also helped apartment buyers caught by unscrupulous developers, single-mothers stung by investment spruikers and, recently, many low-income families caught in wrap-loans. Reiden prevented a family from being evicted just days before Christmas 2005.

"I would rather save people from getting caught BEFORE they buy or sell," says Reiden.

And that's one of the major purposes of REAL ESTATE MONITORS - "prevention instead of cure".

"It costs most people nothing extra to use REAL ESTATE MONITORS," said Reiden.

Reiden can be contacted by Email

Who Pays Us

Our primary method of payment is referral fees from agents. When a property is sold by an agent, a percentage of the agent's commission is paid to us.

We do not allow agents to increase their commission to cover our fees. Our fees must come out of the agent's commission. This means that sellers pay NOTHING extra for our help.
If sellers, with our help, sell without an agent, the sellers may choose to pay us a fee. The amount of such fee will be at the discretion of the sellers.

Any fees received directly from sellers will be given to the Homesellers and Homebuyers Protection Fund, a not-for-profit entity which assists consumers who are the victims of real estate deceit.
PROPERTY BUYERS (Homebuyers and Investors)
We do not have a method for property buyers to pay us (unless we refer the buyers to a Buyers' Agency in which case the agent may pay us a fee).

But, just because we may not get paid, it doesn’t mean we won’t help. We believe we can always find some way, no matter how small, to help any real estate consumers.

Any fees received from buyers will be given to the Homesellers and Homebuyers Protection Fund, a not-for-profit entity which assists consumers who are the victims of real estate deceit.

Why We Do This

The idea for REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals came from Neil Jenman.

Each year, thousands of property consumers contact The Neil Jenman Group. Many seek an agent accredited by Jenman (known as Jenman Approved).

In most areas, there are no Jenman Approved agents and so consumers must fend for themselves.

REAL ESTATE MONITORS now makes it possible for every homeseller in Australia to have direct access to a team of property supporters approved by Neil Jenman. So, while there may not be a Jenman Approved agency in all areas, there is always Jenman approved assistance and support.

If the sellers' chosen agent is not satisfactory, a Jenman Approved team will be there to assist.

REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals makes the real estate world safer for consumers.

The three main reasons for the establishment of REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals.
  1. To meet the demand from real estate consumers for more safety, especially when selling.

  2. To meet the need for increased funding for the Homesellers and Homebuyers Protection Fund. (In 2006 and 2007, at least 50 per cent of the profits will go to the Protection Fund).

  3. To create a successful and profitable business. (To make a profit by making a difference).


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