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Here are some questions we have already received (and many we expect to receive), together with our answers and comments.

You recommend an agent but does that mean we can trust the agent?
Not necessarily. We rarely "recommend"agents. Rather we prefer to suggest agents. The final choice is yours. In many cases, we expect that sellers will suggest an agent and ask us to monitor the sales process and assist the sellers.
What do we get from you?
You get our help and support at no charge.

From the time you think of selling until the time your property sells you can contact us for help and suggestions at any time.

Think of us as your real estate ally - someone to watch over (monitor) what's going on.
Do you sell real estate?
What happens if we don't like the agent?
There are usually two reasons that sellers don’t like agents – either the property is not being sold or the agents are asking the sellers to accept too low a price.

If this happens, we can speak to the agent for you. If we cannot solve the problem, we will probably recommend sacking the agent. We will then monitor the next agent for you. Provided we feel you are being reasonable we will monitor as many agents for as long as it takes to sell your property.

We will stick with you.
You are being paid by agents, so how do I know you will be loyal to me?
While our payment does come from agents, the agents are paying us out of the selling commissions, which means, in effect, that our payment does come (in a round-about fashion) from the sellers.

We will always be loyal to the sellers because we want to attract more sellers not more agents.
Do agents increase their commission to cover the cost of Real Estate Monitors & Referrals?
No way. Any agent who increased their commission to sellers (in order to cover our fees) would NEVER receive another referral from Real Estate Monitors & Referrals.

Further, if that did happen, then Real Estate Monitors & Referrals would DROP its fee to ensure that you, the seller, NEVER paid extra.

Our aim is that our service to sellers is, effectively, FREE OF CHARGE.

If not, there is no charge from us.
What if I am not happy, can I get a refund of my selling fees?
If you are not happy, you should let us know BEFORE you sell.

If you are not happy with the agent, we can try and find another agent.

If you are not happy with us, then, because REAL ESTATE MONITORS is Jenman Approved) you have Neil Jenman’s guarantee. The fees paid to us could be refunded. However, unless the agent is also Jenman Approved, a refund of the agent’s share would depend on the agent.
Do I have to pay any money up front?
Not to us. Never. We would also advise you against paying any fees to any agent until your property is sold and you are happy. The only way you could pay upfront fees would be if you ignored our advice.
If I don't want an agent, will you still help me?
Yes. We offer all sellers a copy of Terry Ryder’s wonderful book, Real Estate Without Agents. And Terry has very kindly offered his support at no charge to any private sellers who have read his book.

If you sell without an agent you can, if you wish, make a token payment to us but there will be no pressure for you to do so.
I don't have a property to sell, will you still help me?
Again, yes. We will help any genuine real estate consumer, regardless of whether or not we are going to earn money.

Buying, selling, renting, investing – whatever you want to do, we will do what we can to help you.
I have been ripped off in real estate will you help me?
The team at REAL ESTATE MONITORS and Referrals is focussed on keeping you safe in real estate. We are about prevention NOT cure.

If you have been the victim of a real estate scam, you should contact The Neil Jenman Group or the Real Estate Consumers’ Association or your state’s Consumer Protection agency.
I have found a property I want to buy. Will you help with the negotiations?
Yes, in most cases, we will be happy to give you some tips. Often, just a few minutes on the telephone could save you a few thousand dollars. Provided, of course, that the property you wish to buy is not one of the ones that we have referred to an agent.
How much do you charge to help negotiate my purchase?
Nothing. We do not charge buyers for assistance.
Why would you do things for nothing?
We want to win the trust of all honest real estate consumers. And to win that trust, we believe we have to show that we are genuine in our desire to help.

We believe a thank-you is often better payment than a cheque.

Test us. Send us an email at any time and see how quickly you get a personal reply.

Call our toll-free line (1800 1800 18) and see how long it takes for a human to contact you.

We love our work and we hope you'll love what we do for you.


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